The StarSpirit International, Inc.'s Founder and Chief Creative Officer is Nana Akomfohene Korantema Ayeboafo. Nana had a vision and started StarSpirit International, Inc. as a multicultural arts, global health and economic development initiative that promotes education about African culture and encourages international exchanges between African Americans and Africans in Africa, as well as with Africans across the Diaspora and other members of the American and international community. A main objective is to heal damage to identity from enslavement, colonialization, and oppression. Consistent with this aim, StarSpirit International's motto and call to others is to: "Be Your Higher Self."

Founder's Background

Nana has a varied background. She is a professional performing artist who has composed and/or performed music in several motion pictures, as well as in national and international venues. She has composed over three decades of original music and choreography, as well as performed as a dancer, drummer, singer, and vocal percussionist within solo acts and numerous troupes, bands, and musical groups. Nana has developed original programs and performed across the country in three national tours as a solo artist. She also performs and teaches traditional Akan (West Africa) folk/religious music, drumming, song, and dance. In 1975, she formed the first Female Percussion Ensemble in Philadelphia, training many other professional performers since then through formal classes, consultations, and apprenticeships.

Nana has also been called a pioneer solo female artist of cultural arts programming in schools. She has been contracted to deliver cultural arts programming in schools and other settings for varied periods, including multi-week residencies. Read about her background for this cultural arts work In My Own Voice.

Service as a Chief Shaman

In January, 2002, Nana underwent ancient rites of enstoolment at the Akonnedi Shrine in Larteh, Ghana and became a Chief Shaman and Traditional African Ruler-as the first African American to undergo such centuries old rites. She is now a living representative of Nana Okomfohene Akua Oparebea. This position requires frequent travel to Ghana. As a Chief Shaman, Nana also heads the Asona Aberade Shrine-the first legally incorporated shrine (1977) in Pennsylvania where Nana conducts the training of Shamans, drummers, dancers, and other Traditional African Rulers (Chiefs, Queen Mothers, Elders) in sacred aspects of Akan culture and protocol. Nana's knowledge of indigenous folk art and tradition is also brought to all commissioned work as a performer, arts and culture educator, and resident artist.

Roots in Ghana

Nana's preparation for her work goes back to her graduation as an Akan Okomfo (Shaman) in 1978 from the Nana Akonnedi Shrine, having trained under Nana Okomfohene Akua Oparebea (Chief Shaman)-enjoying, in total, a 21 year tutelage with her mentor.

Nana met her future mentor when she first traveled to Ghana with the Arthur Hall Afro-American Dance Ensemble in 1974. She served with this dance ensemble for nearly two decades, devoting 17 years to professional dance, teaching, traveling, and performing across the U.S. in the finest concert halls, theatres, museums, and at universities, as well as serving as the lead singer and one of the lead dancers before Chiefs and royalty in Africa in 1974. Nana went on to conduct workshops for this group, and eventually became Head Musician, and then Director of Concerts and Music Score-serving in this capacity for all major productions.

Community Leadership

This vast background and experience has allowed Nana to function as a community leader in the USA and Africa, as well as produce concerts, large community events for fundraising activities, as well as create/direct/promote bands, musical groups, ensembles, theatrical troupes, etc.


Founder and Chief Creative Officer of StarSpirit International, Inc., of Philadelphia, PA, USA and Larteh, Ghana, Africa

Nana Akomfohene Korantema Ayeboafo is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of StarSpirit International, Inc.. She founded StarSpirit International, Inc. (1999)-an official NGO, non-profit organization, and public charity. StarSpirit promotes education about African culture, facilitates international cultural exchanges, and sponsors health, education, and economic development projects. It is based in both Philadelphia, PA and Larteh, Ghana, Africa. StarSpirit has a quarterly publication, The Biakoye Newsletter, and releases books and other products through StarSpirit Press. StarSpirit is a registered NGO called the STARSPIRIT LIGHTHOUSE. The STARSPIRIT LIGHTHOUSE also serves as an HIV/AIDS Prevention Peer Education Training Center. Nana serves as Director of HIV/AIDS Training at the LIGHTHOHUSE, as well as for training in the USA.

Chief Shaman, Representative in America of the The Nana Akonnedi Shrine, Larteh, Ghana, Africa

Nana is also a Chief Shaman (Traditional African Ruler), being the first African American to undergo ancient Akan rites to serve as the living representative of a former Chief Shaman-her spiritual mentor, Nana Okomfohene Akua Oparebea. As Chief Shaman, she also serves as the representative in North American of the Nana Akonnedi Shrine of Larteh, Ghana, as well as the Head of All Akomfo (Shamans) in this region.

President, The Asona Aberade Shrine, Inc. Philadelphia, PA

Nana is also President of the Asona Aberade Shrine, Inc.-the first legally incorporated shrine (1977) in Pennsylvania. As an African American, she lived in Larteh, Ghana for 7 years and studied at the Nana Akonnedi Shrine, Nana graduated second in her class as an Okomfo/Shaman (1978). Going on to enjoy a 21 year tutelage under Nana Okomfohene Akua Oparebea, she gained extensive knowledge of Akan culture, practices, rituals and protocol, including indigenous traditional folk music, song, drumming, and dance; she trains others in all of these areas at her base of operation in Philadelphia, PA-The Asona Aberade Shrine, Inc. In 1981 Nana Korantemaa was appointed Okomfo Panyin (Senior Shaman) for the state of Pennsylvania by Nana Okomfohene Akua Oparebea and the elders of the Nana Akonnedi Shrine.

President, Cecil B. Moore Community Partnerships

As a community leader in the US and Ghana, Nana is now serving as President of the Cecil B. Moore Community Partnerships. This is a grass-roots community organization formed in response to neighborhood violence in North Philadelphia, as well as a community development corporation.

Author, Event Producer, Speaker, etc...

Nana is the author of Tigare Speaks: Lessons for Living in Harmony (2005), and Celebrating the Life of Nana Okomfohene Akua Oparebea: A Story Told With Love (2006).

Nana is available for keynotes, workshops, residencies, concerts, cultural arts programming, an events producer, as well as for wedding ceremonies, naming ceremonies, divination, spiritual baths, etc... Please contact us for more details and to contract her for services.